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MockRock Ltd

We've used MyTax from the start - they take care of all our CRO requirements, VAT & Corporation Tax Returns and payroll. They are approachable, open and excellent at delivering what we need. Cannot recommend more.

Sean, Landlord & AirBnB Host

MyTax took the hasle and time out of my Income Tax return. It was simple - they emailed me with what they needed and within a day my Income Tax was filed and paid.



Technicolur Painting Ltd

We started using MyTax to manage our RCT after a Revenue review. We use multiple subcontractors and the administration required is time consuming and difficult to get right. MyTax now manage this entire process - from contact notification to payments to notifying the subcontractors.We communicate through whatsapp and they are extremely receptive to any queries or last minute changes.

Looking forward to moving more of our tax work over to them this year.

Conor, Employee with Share Options

I got a share option from my employer and was told I might have to pay tax on it. A friend told me about MyTax so I arranged a 30 minute free consultation.

They explained why I had to pay tax, how to do it and that I needed to file a Form 11. They told me how to do all this and what the cost would be for them to do it. I wend with MyTax and it was great - saved so much time and wasn't expensive at all. Really can't go wrong with them.


Stewart, Building Subcontractor

The easiest accountants I've dealt with. Really professional service and it was great knowing what I would pay before getting in touch.

They filed my return within a couple days and let me know I was due a rebate which I got  into my account in about a week! Will definitely keep using.


James, Employee with Medical Expenses

I was going to use another company but they were charging 25% of any rebate I was due.

MyTax had an upfront fee of just €25 so went with them. Great decision - straightforward, professional and quick.


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