Agent Link Agreement

What is an Agent Link?

An Agent Link is confirmation from a Taxpayer that a Tax Agent is allowed to act as an agent on behalf of a tax payer.

MyTax is a registered Tax Agent with The Revenue Commissioners. 

To allow us to act as an agent, please complete and sign the below form.

If you have formed a company, you are required to register with Revenue as an indiviudal. 

Agent Link Notifcation

MyTax, tax registration number 77406M, is to act as an agent on my behalf for the following taxes from the date of this signature;

Are you intending to supply goods or services to other EU Member States?
Are you intending to acquire goods or services to other EU Member States?

This arrangement will remain in place until changed by either the agent or client and the change is notified to the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. Details of Revenue’s data protection policy is available on


I understand that this does not preclude me from my responsibility to maintain appropriate / adequate books and records and to produce such documentation as / when requested by the Office of the Revenue Commissioner

By Signing Up, I confirm that this signature will be the electronic representation of my signature for all purposes, when I or my agent use them on documents including legally binding contracts, just the same as a pen and paper signature.

Thank you for submitting this form